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Kids Playground

The playroom is located on the first floor of the Waves Center, which is part of the residential-business complex Sarajevo Waves, the playroom is adapted for children aged 3 and over, and is designed to animate children through play and thus learn.

It has an entertaining and educational character, which means that it is not a classic type of playroom, but that, in addition to a safe stay, its youngest visitors are also enabled to develop their intellectual abilities on a daily basis.

The Waves playroom is located in a beautiful natural environment, where children explore their surroundings through play, change and transform the world around them, start adventures and thus develop creativity and their cognitive abilities. Balloons, kites, brightly colored balls, slides and children’s smiles give a special touch of color and a pleasant feeling in nature.

For those a little older, there is also a PlayStation corner where they can enter the virtual world of the world’s most famous games. With very favorable prices, parents will be able to carefree leave their little ones to the friendly and professional staff, and enjoy the other facilities offered by the Waves Center.

The goal of the playroom is to provide children with a pleasant and fun stay with education in various fields. In addition to toys for the little ones, we have also prepared a playstation corner for slightly older children. Quality and friendly staff will make sure that your children enjoy every moment. We invite parents and their little ones to visit us and see for themselves the contents of the Waves Center playroom.

Kids Playground opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 07:00-18:00 hours